Saturday, November 04, 2006

Welcome to My Video Blog!

There's a ton of free videos on the Internet. So why would you want to pay any attention to this particular video blog?

Well, the truth is you might not want to. This blog is not designed for a general audience, there's already plenty of sites for that.

This blog is designed to only include videos that have cultural or educational value. I will focus on the arts, history, science, nature, and mathematics.

I plan on including some special features. I hope to provide multiple tools to help you find the type of video that you are looking for, even if it isn't located on my site.

In addition to the videos, I plan on providing useful descriptions and links to sites that provide supplemental information on the topics presented. I hope this blog will be entertaining, but I also intend it to be educational.

This blog isn't for everyone, but I hope it will provide an enjoyable and rewarding experience for some.

I welcome your comments. As of 11/4/06 this blog is brand new, by leaving comments, you can help me to better design this site and choose the kind of content that will be most valuable to my visitors.

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