Saturday, January 20, 2007

Tasmanian Tiger

This is quite an interesting looking animal. Too bad it's extinct.

The Last Tasmanian Tiger


chumly said...

I did not know they were extinct. That is sad. Thanks for the video.

Ramon said...

Hopefully, it would not happen to other animals.

Whizzed said...

Yes Mate a crying shame really; the last one died in captivity in 1936 I think in my country possibly in Melbourne I am not certain now.
there have been claims some have been seen But I don't think so.
Now the Tasmanian Devil is under threat also; it's the national symbol of Tassie the apple Isle as we fondly call it here

Anonymous said...

yes truly sad but thanks to a pickled pup the tasmanian tiger might live again!!!!! thank you scientist and cloning!