Monday, December 11, 2006

Glass Music

You can make art out of glass, or you can make art with glass. For the former, see The Art of Glass Blowing. For the latter, see the videos below.

William Zeitler-Glass Armonica

The glass armonica was invented by Benjamin Franklin. This video is an excerpt from a History Channel documentary about Benjamin Franklin.

Glass Armonica-From the History Channel

Of course, you don't have to use a glass armonica. The following video features a true virtuoso on a simple collection of wine glasses.

Glass Music

There's more than one way to get sound from a glass vessel. You can caress it gently, or simply hit it with a stick. Here's an example of some music achieved with the less gentle approach.

Glass as Percussion, Vivaldi

See also: The Art Of Glass Blowing

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mapwing said...

Thanks for the vids. Reminds me of going to the Corning Museum of Glass in NY.

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